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27 Weeks* (And a dash of horomones)

How Far Along: 27 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Cauliflower
Weight Gain: 16 pounds

Movement: Annnnd cue pregnancy hormones! My little wee-bean usually moves all the time–she is constantly turning and stretching and I’ve become quite used to feeling her poke around in my belly. I went to have a massage on Friday, and after I left I noticed that I couldn’t feel her moving around as often. She continued staying quiet on Saturday, and by Sunday morning I was feeling a lot of anxiety about it. Everything I’ve read has told me that a change or decrease in your baby’s movements can mean that she is in distress, so of course I automatically assumed the worst. I could still feel her every now and then, but it was very faint and it was much less often.

By Sunday afternoon I was a mess. I tried eating, drinking orange juice and laying down to see if I could feel her moving, and I could barely feel anything. I was so terrified that something was wrong that I let my hormones take over and I cried.

(The mother of all cries. The kind that scares the Hubster. ha)

Once I calmed down I called Peeah to see if she had experienced anything similar in either of her pregnancies. She was able to give me some great insight, and told me that the massage may have shifted the baby’s position inward with her back against my belly–hence my inability to feel her move.

I also called my midwife. I explained how I was feeling, and she agreed with my sister. She let me know that babies sometimes go through periods where they are quiet, but reassured me that if I was ever seriously concerned that it was definitely the right time to call. Today my little girl seems to be back to her old self–she is currently somersaulting in my belly and I love it.

Cravings: Chinese food. Specifically: chicken balls. I needed them this week. It was bad.

Food Aversions: Nope!

Symptoms: I still have some heartburn, but it seems like it’s abating a bit for now. My back has been the biggest symptom this week. I did something to a muscle right under my left shoulder blade last Monday, and I was in agony all week. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the back every time I reached or turned a certain way. By Friday I was dying, so I booked an appointment for a massage with an RMT. Who turned out to be a man. Ha! More on this coming.

In general, my back has been more tender. I was trying to do some light housework tonight, and I needed to take breaks about every 10 minutes just to rest my back. It’s going to be a fun few months…

Baby Prep: We finally moved my giant desk out of the office / nursery. Getting the desk out was… interesting. But at least now I can begin cleaning and sorting and make a space for the crib!

Things I’m Thinking About: Paint. With my due date drawing ever nearer, I’m starting to think about how I’d like the baby’s room to look. I have been searching through ideas on Pintrest, and I’m still leaning toward a neutral color palate with accents of some sort.

Want to design my nursery for me?

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